Best Pod Systems 2020 SMOK RPM 80 Pro Review

Best Pod Systems 2020 SMOK RPM 80 Pro Review


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  1. What Are the Best Pod Systems in the UK?
  2. SMOK RPM 80 Pro Pod Mod Review
    1. Pros of RPM 80 Pro Pod Mod Kit
  3. Q&A of the Best Pod Kit SMOK RPM80 Pro Pod Systems

Over the years, vaping has been getting bigger and better beginning from cigar-likes to vape pens, later to tube mods, then box mods. Of course, the continual change results from the aim to aid vapers to have a longer vaping experience time without the need to charge and dispense bigger clouds. However, pod systems shoulder all these responsibilities efficiently. It’s portable, straightforward, and fulfilling. You can call it the modern-type of cigar-like though pod systems are potentially much better.

What Are the Best Pod Systems in the UK?

Pod systems are simply e-cigarettes that use a “pod.” They hold e-liquid, vaporize, and deliver it through the mouthpiece. Pod systems usually have a lesser capacity (between 1 and 2 ml) than tanks, though there are bigger pods. Pod systems batteries are relatively small, typically having about 300 mAh capacity and more at times. Since the capacity of a battery determines how long it lasts in charges, one can conclude that pod systems have a lesser battery power compared to most vape pens (about 650 mAh) but more than many cigar-likes (about 200 mAh).

Pod systems are super simple devices. Even though more advanced devices have been unveiled recently combining special functions, including power, simplicity, and compactness.

SMOK RPM 80 Pro Pod Mod Review

The RPM80 Pro Vape Device is the most modern version of the RPM line of AIO pod systems. The RPM80 Pro belongs to the pod-mod category. It’s escorted with coils for DL vaping and higher watt usage. It also features a lower wattage option for restricted MTL and DL. The RPM80 Pro has a capacity up to 80 watts, with full wattage adjustability, and a single 18650 battery. It is important to note that there’s a non-Pro edition with very similar features but instead operates with an internal battery.

Do you want to know what’s Pro about it? Here it is! The Pro edition of the RPM 80 Battery was designed to actualize simplicity in vaping. It’s one of the first and most reputable pod systems to support user-replaceable 18650 batteries made in the shiny, pocket-friendly form. RPM 80 Pro enables users to enjoy twofold of the maximum power output of RPM 40, RPM 80 Pro also offer a wealth of functionality including compatibility with pods designed to support either RPM or RGC coils, IQ-80 controller chip, and a surfeit of stunning finish options. Beyond doubt, RPM 80 Pro is an excellent blend of portability, versatility, and outstanding performance. The RPM80 Pro comes in beautiful shape, which feels unique in hand. Here are the comprehensive SMOK RPM80 Pro review in the UK.

Pros of RPM 80 Pro Pod Mod Kit

It’s expected to ask, why should I try the RPM 80 Pro pod system e-cigarette? What are the benefits? Below-listed is a few of the numerous advantages:

Compactness: RPM 80 pro is much more compact than many modern vaping devices, making it a great choice if you vape mostly outside your space.

Easy to use: The RPM 80 Pro was built with an impressive design, making it easy to use. It requires less effort in usage – all you need to do is inhale to vape. What seems so complicated is refilling the pod, which is also very easy.

Satisfying *Performance**:*** The Pocket-friendly RPM 80 Pro is a kind of pod system that is much more satisfying to vape. It brings maximum satisfaction most, especially when you are using higher-strength e-liquids or nicotine salt options.

Discreet: Not everybody and not every situation needs Clouds. At times, you might want something more discreet to vape. In this situation, RPM 80 Pro is perfect.

Affordable: Although, the RPM 80 Pro vary in prices, yet they are pretty affordable.

Q&A of the Best Pod Kit SMOK RPM80 Pro Pod Systems

  1. Does the SMOK RPM80 Pro Leak?

The RPM80 Pro Kit did leak when you put it down to push-fit coils.

  1. Would the SMOK RPM80 Pro be Long-lasting and Still Work 12 Months from Now?

The build quality of SMOK RPM80 Pro is top-notch and the machining is great. It is very solid and durable. It did survive from some accidental drops during testing. I am confident that the SMOK RPM80 Pro is great enough to last 12 months.

  1. Would the SMOK RPM80 Pro Suit a Beginner?

The SMOK RPM80 Pro pod mod is pretty versatile and simple to use. But I don’t recommend it to a beginner as it cannot provides a great MTL draw. It is more suitable for experienced vapers who want a portable DL vape for travel use.

  1. Where to Buy the TPD SMOK RPM80 Pro in the UK?

We have compared some popular online vape shops in the UK from the price, customer service, and return policy. NewVaping is the best place to buy the SMOK RPM80 Pro as they have a special offer on the SMOK PRM80 Pro Mod and provide the same working day dispatch.

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