Clean The Air Around You At Home Or On The Go With This Home Air Purifier

With the increase in pollution and climate change, there is a growing need for an effective way to clean the air around us. Environmental concerns are becoming more of a priority. Introducing VIOMI Air Purifier ! The best way to clean the air around you at home or on-the-go. There are many reasons why people would want an Air Purifier, one being that they can’t escape from outside pollution and no matter what, they want to keep themselves safe from it.

Why an Air Purifier
It is a very clear difference between having a mask that cannot filter out any pollutants from the air and having an air purifier that filters out any tiny particles. There are a lot of reasons to buy an Air Purifier: If you live in a polluted environment or on the move, an Air Purifier would be a great help to you. Sick of breathing the same air as your colleagues? An Air Purifier could help you get fresh air wherever you go. Have allergies or asthma and suffer from air-related illness? An Air Purifier would help you get some fresh air throughout the day. Would you like to have a healthier living experience? An Air Purifier could help you get away from the harmful pollutants in the air. Want to enjoy the beauty of nature without breathing polluted air?

Viomi Air Purifier
Viomi Air Purifier has four-stage filtration that allows for comprehensive air purification. The first layer is a 40 mesh nylon woven filter designed to trap larger solids. Then the HEPA filter with cleansing silver and copper ions provides effective protection against microbes. Another active carbon coating filters all harmful smog particles. Final filtration takes place with the help of UV light, which inactivates other bacteria and viruses and increases the disinfection efficiency up to 99.9%. Despite its small size, the purifier easily provides full filtration in rooms up to 60 m². Thanks to the appropriate circulation, the device will quickly and effectively clean the air even in the entire apartment, it is enough to leave the doors in the rooms open. During operation, the device releases strong anions thanks to ionization, effectively removes toxic gases, prevents re-contamination and leaves the air fresh and clean. The lack of the possibility of secondary pollution allows for much longer operation without the need to replace the filters, which makes the purifier cheaper to operate.

How Does It Work?
This air purifier has a portable & powerful HEPA filter, Air ionizer for air purification and pure air, It also has a built-in electronic sensor and temperature detector. It also provides an AC adapter to turn the air purifier on or off.

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