ELEPHONE A6 Max Review

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  1. Let’s take a closer look at some features of A6 Max before it is released.
    1. Design and Screen
    2. Camera
    3. Battery and Storage
    4. Operation system and Network

Let’s take a closer look at some features of A6 Max before it is released.

After the successful launch of U2, the Chinese mobile phone brand Elephone will be launching another new phone called A6 Max. Let’s take a closer look at some features of A6 Max before it is released.

Design and Screen

Needless to say, Elephone A6 Max has a bigger screen than that of A6 Mini, featuring a 6.53-inch Drop Notch Screen with thin bezels on the side. Though the screen-to-body ratio of A6 Max is not as high as that of Elephone U2, the drop notch design doesn’t take up too much space, saving a relatively significant portion of space for the screen. Furthermore, the 720*1560 screen resolution of A6 Max provides a vivid bright display on the big screen. The finger scanner is on the back of A6 Max, which is a convenient design. With the camera placed on the upper left corner vertically with an LED flash, the back of A6 Max also looks similar to A6 Mini, with an extra touch of elegance and fashion.


The camera of A6 Max has evolved significantly from A6 Mini as well. The rear camera of A6 Max consists of a 20MP camera with a 2MP depth sensor, which has a higher megapixel than the camera of Elephone U2. Additionally, the front camera also has a megapixel as high as 20MP, enabling one to take selfies without worrying about picture distortion and blurriness.

Battery and Storage

While the battery capacity of Elephone U2 is 3250mAh, that of Elephone A6 Max is 3500mAh, which means that with one full charge, A6 Max can easily last for a whole day with light use such as texts and occasional calls.

Operation system and Network

A6 Max is powered by the MTK 6762 Processor and runs on the latest Android system, which is Android 9.0, also known as “Pie”. The standard storage of A6 Max is 64GB, but one can always choose to expand the storage up to 256GB by inserting a microSD card since two nano SIM slots come with A6 Max.

Here are more detailed specifications down below:

CPU Processor: MTK 6762
Screen Size: 6.53-inch Drop Notch Screen
Screen Resolution: 720*1560 HD+
Rear Camera: 20M+2M
Front Camera: 20MP
Storage: 4GB+64GB (128GB available, Max. Expansion Supported: 256G)
Battery Capacity: 3500 mAh
OS Android: 9.0
Fingerprint Back: fingerprint sensor
SIM Card Type: Nano SIM + Nano SIM

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