Overview of the Touchwood 18650 Electronic Cigarette

Overview of the Touchwood 18650 Electronic Cigarette



  1. 4 Ways to Avoid Burning Your Vape Coils
    1. Tip 1: View the Juice Level
    2. Tip 2: Utilize the Temperature Control
    3. Tip 3: Take it Easy on the Voltage
    4. Tip 4: Always Primary Your Coil
    5. Additional Tip: Science is usually Fun!

Not being truly a huge fan of either lumber and/or field mods I generally dismissed the Touchwood when it appeared on the UK Vapers forum about half a year ago as irrelevant.

When I ‘rediscovered’ the Touchwood at Vapefest in October, it became apparent that just as a would-be e-cig reviewer of worth, I just have to pay more attention quite often!

The Touchwood is actually wooden, nonetheless it is no box-mod. It’s not really a tube either, but an ingenious blend of both concepts that just works from both functionally and visually.

Ian, from Touchwood, describes his wares the following:

I developed this design after 18 months roughly of vaping. I began as a lot of people do with the standard mini e-cig but soon got frustrated by the short electric battery life and unreliable nature of these batteries.

My first field mod used a 3.7v AA battery and worked well-though it lacked the tactile features and didn’t appear too pretty. After searching through the countless forums I noticed that a favourite power for mods was two CR123 3V surveillance camera batteries-used in a variety of tube style mods. I couldn’t find a battery box to take these hand and hand so I go about making my very own out of a lump of wood-again not too pretty but worked brilliantly-and a few persons asked if I could make one for them.

Being of an engineering background I decided a few advancements were necessary to make it a good saleable item and after a good few months of creation and investment have come up with the Touchwood, which I wish you’ll agree is both practical and attractive. It methods approximately 24mmx50mmx75mm(excluding cartomizer/atomizer) therefore fits nicely in the palm of the side making it suitable for everyday vaping.The main one shown in the picture is made from Jarrah-an Australian hardwood, sometimes referred to as Australian Mahogony. The timber used right here was an outback railway sleeper in a past life-so you can make certain it’s well seasoned. I will be using other top quality hardwoods in the future, all reclaimed, but also for the second this is actually the best I’ve found.

I just won’t go into way too many information on the batteries available etc just like you are reading this you are probably amply trained in the finer things of vaping. For those who have any questions feel absolve to email me. It includes a normal 510 connector and may run on each one 3.7V and also a dummy battery or perhaps two 3V giving 6V for that extra hit-my preference! For the brave of heart you can use 2.7V but I would suggest only the utilization of high voltage/high level of resistance atomizers for this. Please note that although in the photos it is displayed with a steel cartomizer installed this is merely to give an notion of what it will look like in use and isn’t provided with it. I believe it is best to enable you to make your own selection of vaporizers and batteries instead of fee for something you might not want.

There’s not really a great deal I could add to Ian’s own overview, beyond my own opinion which is pretty simple to ascertain from the next video. I would put though that having fulfilled Ian and understood a little about him and his philosophy on e-cigs, that he deserves to sell tons of these exact things, and I can’t check out me parting with mine. Ever!

4 Ways to Avoid Burning Your Vape Coils

Coils on any vaping machine are without a doubt just about the most fundamental elements. They are fully accountable for starting to warm up the liquid(what is in vaping juice in any case?) in your device’s container and turning it into vapor. Whether you get them ready-made, or appreciate investing the time focusing on it yourself, let’s have a look at 4 proven methods of the best way to avoid burning up those much-needed coils.

Tip 1: View the Juice Level

If the quantity of e juice in your tank is low, the performance will begin to worsen and the flavor will gradually diminish, of course, the effect it’ll have on your own coils is something you don’t want either. E-liquid/Vapor Liquid generally contain some sort of sugar, not to mention, when glucose touches anything too hot, it will quickly caramelize. This will most likely happen on the coils or wick. The easiest solution to the is to make certain that your container is always chock-full. Chain vaping can, of course, influence your juice level as well. It’s always fun blowing massive clouds of smoke cigarettes one after another, but this may dramatically have an impact on the coil by drying up the wick prematurely. Normally your wick could have time to recover and soak up extra of the juice, but if it’s certainly not given the needed total re-saturate before pressing the fire button again, it will shed your coils and wick at once. So try to avoid chain vaping by simply giving it a brief break to in essence re-primary itself. Assuming you continue to keep your juice level at the perfect amount.

Tip 2: Utilize the Temperature Control

If it’s available, you should, use it! Temperature control functions by tracking the detectable adjustments in resistance that happen when certain coil components will be heated up. When it gets to this temperature, the vape will minimize delivering power to give up it from warming up any further and potentially burning your wick and coils. Additionally, there are a whole lot of super beneficial temperature control mods with titanium, nickel, or stainless steel coils that will permit you to limit the specific temperature of your vape. Common vaping temperatures generally range between 392F to 480F, with the fluctuation increments in temp around 10F. With this specific control over the heat of your coil, you can substantially lessen the opportunity of burning it up. However, you need to make sure you possess a suitable e-cigarette and a tank that support these material types.

Tip 3: Take it Easy on the Voltage

Continually be mindful of your wattage! Vaping at a high wattage can have superb consequences on your coils. Because of the fact that you’re vaping juice at an accelerated level, the wick is hardly with the capacity of soaking it up in time. If it is usually unable to keep up it will burn. Often moments this can also result in a misunderstanding. Whoever is vaping may presume that the coil was simply a dud, when essentially they’re the main one who burned it. This why it will always be important to reduce your power setting if you start to notice the flavor fading out. Start at the bottom and little by little work the right path up. If any complications persist and you keep up experiencing that flavor damage and burning, dropping the power a few notches may be the easiest/quickest choice. Know your machine and vape batteries limits.

Tip 4: Always Primary Your Coil

It comes strongly suggested that you prime your coil. While it’s certainly not strictly necessary, it could save you a whole lot of future headaches just by doing that one simple additional task. The problem generally is due to the wick devoid of enough time to totally absorb the juice before it really is ignited, thus triggering the quick burn of the coils and wick. Just trickle a few drops of juice in the wick holes and hang on 3 to 5 minutes. It’s always worthwhile being absolutely sure! Starting at the lowest setting and working the right path up may be beneficial as well. Eventually, you will discover a properly balanced heat to taste ratio. Another method generally used is taking few sips on the vape without positioning the press button to ignite it. This essentially just forces the juice in to the wick a bit faster. Continually be cautious when you use this technique though, there may be the possibility it could flood your coil if it’s done all too often.

Additional Tip: Science is usually Fun!

To appease any vaper yearning for additional knowledge is to consider Ohm’s laws. Yes, that same thing you learned in your math or physics class, & most likely forgot about. It actually has a lot to do with vaping and can get the difference between getting a continuously pleasurable vaping experience, and blowing up your coils; possibly even your entire piece of equipment. Ohms control from the voltage within your vape, to the utmost temperature degree of the coils.

If you keep having this problem, perhaps delving much deeper into the actual research of why your coils continue steadily to burn out can certainly be beneficial. If you can tweak possibly only two variables such as, power and level of resistance – you can find out exactly what to use for your third adjustable to attain the proper equilibrium. This may also greatly help with the priming approach mentioned previously. Using Ohm’s Laws and its equations to your advantage will assist you to become more informed how to properly create your coil level of resistance, the wattage, and the voltage, all while impressing friends and family with your vast, sensible, and infinite knowledge!

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