Vaporesso GEN X Kit Review

Vaporesso GEN X Kit Review


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  1. Overview
  2. What You Find in The Kit
  3. First Impressions
  4. Build Quality & Design
  5. The NRG-S Tank
  6. Coils
  7. Functions and Features!
  8. Performance
  9. Conclusion
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Vaporesso GEN X Kit UK is the latest addition to Vaporesso’s popular line up of “Gen” Kits. In our review, we will see if Vaporesso GEN X has proven to be a king amongst prince or if it will live under the shadows of the erstwhile giants such as Armour Pro, Luxe, and Polar by Vaporesso.

Our current review of Vaporesso GEN X in the solid black colour is not limited to GEN X but is also an exploration into how vape kits live up to or fail to live up to their legacies.

Without further ado, let us dive and vape into it!

What You Find in The Kit

The kit is packed with every possible and required item one can wish to have:

· Vaporesso GEN X mod

· NRG-S Tank

· GT Meshed Coil

· GT4 Meshed Coil

· Extra Mouthpiece

· O-ring

First Impressions

Vaporesso GEN X has a traditional design that is not strikingly similar to other devices. However, the orthodox look and design do not seem cliched as Vaporesso GEN X has a strikingly premium finish to it.

Vaporesso GEN X Kit is currently offered in seven colour combinations. Some colours are solid like black, silver, and gold while the other four colours – blue, green, purple, and red – have a gradient with specks of black.

The mod features a slightly smaller than average-sized OLED screen with the control system buttons near them.

Build Quality & Design

In terms of build quality, Vaporesso GEN X has redefined what it means to be a classy and premium mod. GEN X is coated in multiple layers of rubberized material that has has aircraft-grade aluminum housing and high-quality finish to it.

To complement the richness of the coating, a bright orange paint has been used on the black mod. The orange colour is a beautiful impression of Terre D’Hermes’ signature orange.

The weight and height of the mod are ideal for most users. While the weight and height do not reflect the performance of the mod, it represents the attention to detail that has been put in Vaporesso GEN X’s craftmanship.

The buttons are securely fixed, the battery compartment is easy to open and closes well, and despite a small OLED screen, the intext information is displayed large and clear.

The NRG-S Tank

Vaporesso GEN X Kit offers a NRG-S Tank. The pre-installed bubble glass on the SKRR-S Tank has a tremendously whooping capacity of 8ml! (To help you understand, the market norm is a 5ml tank while 10ml tanks are considered just too big, Vaporesso GEN X has struck the perfect balance between comfort and volume capability).

Filling on NRG-S Tank is easier than ever. You simply have to slide the top cap and quench your tank’s thirst for e-juice. The use of revolutionary Slide-N-Fill technology ensures Vaporesso GEN X remains spill-free no matter how and where you vape.


Vaporesso GEN X Kit is equipped with two coils:

· GT Meshed Coil

· GT4 Meshed Coil

Coils have a better than expected performance. As we took a closer look, we realized it’s because of coils’ larger than usual mesh hole size and increased sets of ports on both coils that allows better wicking.

Functions and Features!

If there were a poster child for everything a mod aspires to be, it would have undoubtedly been Vaporesso GEN X. Vaporesso GEN X is filled with countless features that can overwhelm even the most seasoned veterans of the vaping world. Following are some of them:

· Pulse Mode for consistently stellar performance in bursts that are between 0.02 second

· ECO mode for better battery performance

· Smart Temperature Control to prevent overheating

· Variable Wattage

· Variable Voltage

· Custom Curves

· Bypass Modes


Owing to the advanced mesh technology of the coils, Vaporesso GEN X offers a strong hit of flavour as the meshes are crafted to enrich the flavour.

Moreover, the insulated layers within the tank allow an insane vaping experience as the mod does not get heated but the flavour gets pleasantly warm.


Vaporesso GEN X is a mod second to none. The main difference between Vaporesso GEN and Vaporesso GEN X is of the tank. While a minor difference, it has made all the difference in the world.

More features, stronger hit, richer flavour, and improved Slide-N-Fill technology have allowed GEN X to become the undisputed leader in GEN series.

Q & A:

  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape kits in the UK?

Newvaping is a good choice for you to get vape kits. They merchandise high-quality vape kits for our customers vape better without emptying their wallets and provide the best vape starter kits for new vapers who are looking to enjoy a simple, seamless vaping experience.

  1. How much are vape kits?

Vape kits range in price from $15 to $100. At the low end you will find the relatively simple vape pens and pod systems which are great for beginners. At the higher price you will find the more advanced device with more settings.

  1. What is included in a box mod kit?

Box Mod Kits will come with a mod with a suitable tank, coils, charging cable and user manual.

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