Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum Review Is It The Best Budget Lidar Robot Vacuum Of 2021

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 MAX is a robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with the latest technology, making it one of the best robot vacuums on the market. It includes an app for your smart phone so you can control and schedule each cleaning session remotely as well as watch what’s going on in real time from anywhere in your home! The Wi-Fi enabled device also has voice recognition capabilities to make life easier for those who are not tech savvy or have trouble remembering commands. This means no more fighting over whose turn it is to clean up after dinner – just tell Viomi where you want her to go, when she should start cleaning, and how long she should stay there

What is the Viomi V3 Max?
Viomi V3 Max comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning system. This robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum, and mop your house, and do it incredibly effectively. It comes with a boatload of sensors, including a LiDAR sensor that helps it manage its way through complex environments. The vacuum cleaner uses this sensor to make floor maps of your entire house and saves them for future use. Apart from the LiDAR sensor, the vacuum also comes with an array of 24 other sensors including infrared to prevent collisions, and drop sensors to help the vacuum avoid falls. The vacuum is packed with an A35 quad-core processor which, along with the SLAM algorithm, helps the vacuum process sensor information and adjust its path in real time. This way, it completely avoids any collisions while achieving a very precise cleaning.

How does it work?
Grab the app, and Viomi will come to your home just like a cleaning robot. She can clean any room in your house, even the kitchen countertop or bathroom floor. You don’t have to lift anything – simply request Viomi to come and she’ll do it for you.
You can set up different cleaning schedules using the app (even all day long), which will work great if you’re sick and want to sleep while Viomi is busy. In case of emergencies (or emergencies with kids), you just need to press a button on your phone’s remote control and she’ll be back to her normal routine once again. And if you’re away from home, the app allows you to control your live-view camera remotely so that when Viomi returns, she won’t bump into anything!

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